How to Offer a Superior Valet Experience

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

In this age of ever-evolving technology, valet has changed from a luxury amenity to a standard service. If you don’t already offer it, valet might seem too expensive and complicated to implement. And if you do already offer valet, you may be frustrated with outdated management methods. However, with the right suite of tools, operating a valet can be just as easy and cost-efficient as traditional parking. By integrating Pavemint’s cashless payments, license plate scanning, digital car retrieval requests, vehicle tracking and more, you can offer a superior valet experience to everyone–employees and customers alike.

Cashless Payment Options

It’s a simple fact: people just don’t carry cash anymore. And why should they? We use credit cards to pay for practically everything, even city parking meters. Pavemint’s secure digital payment portal gives drivers the freedom to pay by SMS link, online, or with Apple Pay or Google Pay from any smartphone.

License Plate Scanning

Customers expect instant and seamless service. By using Pavemint’s license plate scanning tool, valets capture a car’s license plate, make, and color in seconds. This information is then tied to a parking event, which makes checking in and out faster than ever for both valets and drivers.

Digital Retrieval Requests

When queues form at valet pickup stations, employees can get overwhelmed and the customer experience suffers. With Pavemint, guests can request their car with a text message or the tap of a button. This not only gives valets a head start on car retrieval, but it also reduces anxiety about lost tickets.

Vehicle Tracking and Data

Handing over car keys to a stranger for valet is sometimes unnerving for customers. With Pavemint, guests can track their car once it’s been requested for return. Arrival estimates and updates keep drivers involved so they know their car is in safe hands. Additionally, tracking the number of cars parked, average amount of time per valet trip, and even average length of stay can help you save money. Use facts to decide how to staff for high- and low-volume days, holidays, and events.

Personalized Customer Support

Implementing a new system, no matter how intuitive, always involves a learning curve. That’s why Pavemint offers the support of our Customer Success team for one-on-one onboarding. Access to tutorial videos, FAQs, phone support, and in-person training makes your transition into a cheaper, faster valet system easy and manageable.

Remember, when upgrading your valet operations, it’s important to make it easy on both your team and your customers. Choose a company that has built on and improved industry standards. With cutting edge technology and custom-made solutions, Pavemint is the perfect partner.


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